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Thank you for trusting the A-Token investment cryptocurrency.

It is very simple to buy A-Token.

By buying A-Tokens you influence the price of the A-Token via the power of fractional reserve. Do join our community activity and support your investment by increasing the A-Token reserve – Be a Contributor as well.

BuyTokens Function
A-Token is a Smart Contract. Its functions are activated as every other Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain. You can use any wallet that supports function activation on the Ethereum Bloclchain, for example: MyEtherWallet.


  1. Click on the CONTRACTS tab of the site menu.
  2. Insert Contract Address -  
  3. Insert the ABI –  
  4. Choose the BuyTokens function from the functions menu.
  5. Write.
  6. The BuyTokens function has no arguments, but remember to send value which is, at least, twice the price of the A-Token.
  7. Determine the proper Gas and Gas Price.
  8. Choose to submit the transaction.
A-Token solidity code and the ABI code