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Uptrennd Contribution

Uptrennd (www.Uptrennd.com) is a social platform currently in its Beta phase. Every community member "Upvote" on posts, comments, videos and content and thus gives the content maker tokens.

My referral link (that earns you and me with 100 1UPs) is: https://www.uptrennd.com/signup/Nzk2NA

I, Arik Schenkler, have joined this great community. While enjoining participating in the overall discussions – I earned some 1UPs. I have decided to convert my 1 Ups to Ether and contribute those Ethers to the A-Token reserve. I call upon Uptrennd community members to do the same. Even if it is small amounts of money, eventually it will add up and influence more people to join both platforms. And, of course, earn you money, because the A-Tokens you have bought increased in value!

The Process:

This is a contribution to the reserve without printing of new A-Tokens.

Simple to do!

Small increments can make a huge change